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MongoDB Course with Placement in Chennai

Courses / MongoDB Training

MongoDB Training in Chennai

ACTE is a best training centre for Best MongoDB Training at Anna Nagar, Chennai. MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. MongoDB from beginner level to advanced techniques is taught by our experienced working professionals. With our MongoDB Training at Anna nagar, Chennai you’ll learn concepts in expert level in a much practical manner. MongoDB is the latest and rapidly growing database service altogether provided by MongoDB. Inc. MongoDB’s scaling feature has attracted fortune 300 companies and start-ups towards it, MongoDB is not originally a relational database but a NoSQL database. Being a document-oriented database, MongoDB provides high performance, auto failover and auto-scaling which is the primary goal for the newly emerging Big data corporations and Developers.

The MongoDB Course at Anna Nagar, Chennai is extensively offered by ACTE in a well-equipped and efficient practical based manner. When a primary replica fails, the replica set will automatically conduct an election process to determine which secondary should become the primary. Secondaries can optionally serve the read operations, but that data is only eventually consistent by default. We at ACTE are the Best in MongoDB training in Chennai in terms of syllabus and expert teaching, apart from these two we at ACTE also teach various related tools such as Cloud Manager (Mongo MMS) and tools that are mandatory for a DBA and the basic concepts of Bash Scripting through which database can be connected and extraordinary scripts could be written.

After undergoing MongoDB Training Course at Anna Nagar, Chennai:

We give corporate trainings with regards to different reputed companies. In MongoDB training all sessions are training with examples and with real time scenarios. MongoDB is one of several database types that raised in the mid-2000s under the NoSQL banner. The MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai is to help you understand the concepts like data organization relative to query patterns, indexing options, handling polymorphic objects in code, performing manual joins on the desired client. MongoDB also provides a very simple Conceptual framework for perform Map/Reduce or Aggregation operations across various computers which leads to lessons around projection of objects and basic aggregation primitives. Learning MongoDB allows the candidates to open wide range of unique view of DBs by forcing you to consider methods of data storage you had previously "left to the DB". However, these are no specifications to MongoDB. If you work with CouchDB or Riak or RavenDB or many other Document-oriented databases, you will come to learn about these similar concepts.

Mongodb Training in Anna Nagar

What should be known to learn MongoDB Course at Anna nagar, Chennai?

  • To learn MongoDB the candidate should be familiar with Java programming, SQL knowledge and in developing the web applications.

Course outline:

1. Introduction To Basic Java

2. Understanding of SQL

3. Basics of Web applications

MongoDB Training Course syllabus

    Introduction to MongoDB

  • Introduction to MongoDB and its Features
  • Database, Collection and Documents
  • Various Data Types in MongoDB
  • Introduction to mongo shell
  • CRUD Operations

  • CRUD Operations
  • Database Operations
  • Read and Write Operations
  • Aggregation
  • Data Modelling

  • Data Modeling Introduction
  • Data Modeling Concept
  • Administrative Commands and Performance

  • Storage Engine
  • Indexing
  • Replication

  • Replication Concept
  • FailOver & Recovery

Course Highlights

  • Free demo classes
  • Limited Batch Size and complete care taken by the trainer particularly
  • Excellent lab facility
  • Innovative ideas are taught by the professionals
  • Tasks will be given by the trainers to complete
  • 100% placement Assurance
  • Expert trainers will teach the students
  • Certificates are provided to the students

About Trainer

  • 5+ experienced in MongoDB
  • Certified trainer
  • Working in top MNCs
  • Friendly and interactive
  • Trained more than 3000 students
  • Ready to help students at any time
  • Strong knowledge and perfect delivery
  • On the spot doubt clarifying person

Palani Kumar, MCA
(Tata Consultancy Services)
5+ experience


  • C100DBA: MongoDB Certified DBA Associate
  • C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate
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